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Womens Ice Fishing Bibs

If you’ve ever spent any kind of time out on the ice you’ll know that harsh winter winds can cut through your regular clothes like a hot knife through butter.

By all means you can buy a regular men’s ice bib but men and women are built a little differently.

That’s why a purpose made women’s ice fishing bib is the best option for both warmth and how well it will fit.

A good ice fishing bibs should obviously keep you warm and dry but it should also fit right and be easy to put on and take off.

They don’t have to been worn out fishing exclusively either, if you live in any kind of Northern climate area then they may even become something that you rely on day in and day out.

1. Ice Armour Extreme Weather

If you want a warm, waterproof pair of bibs, you should take a closer look at the ICE ARMOR Women’s Extreme Weather bibs. With a thick, insulated liner, you should have no problem beating the cold.

The Extreme Weather bibs have a standard design with a long two-way leg zipper. The outer shell is made with 300D waterproof material. Similar to most cold- weather bibs, this material is breathable and windproof.

The knees are protected with 1000D ballistic nylon, adding more durability to the bibs. Other features include an adjustable inseam with storm gaiters and a rapid drainage system.

The Extreme Weather bibs, as the name suggests, are very warm. The 150g insulated liner keeps the cold away without limiting your mobility.

You should also have no problem getting in or out of the bibs. The two-way zipper runs along the leg and the suspenders feature a quick release snap, allowing you to quickly take the bibs off or put them on.

The hand-warming pockets are also a nice feature. Along with these pockets, there are several other pockets on the front of the bibs, including two near the chest and two just above the knees.

The Extreme Weather Bibs are a great pair of cold-weather pants but there is one potential drawback. Customers have mentioned that these bibs are a bit long. However, once you put on your boots, the length may not be a major issue.

These suits include all the features you need for most cold-weather activities. They provide wonderful insulation and are constructed from waterproof, windproof material. They also include a rapid drainage system to keep the inside from staying wet. 

Whether you want to go fishing, snowboarding, or snowmobiling, the Extreme Weather bibs are a great choice.

2. Striker Ice Guardian Women’s Sureflote

The Striker Ice Guardian Women’s Sureflote bibs are suitable for a variety of outdoor cold-weather sports. However, they are primarily meant for ice fishing. Take a closer look for more details on these cold-weather pants.

The Sureflote ice fishing bibs have a long zipper on the front along with knee-height zippers to make it easier to take your boots on and off. 

The outer material is made from a 320D material with patented technology to improve wind and water resistance. The technology includes the Hydrapore system. This system helps expel moisture and water on the exterior of the pants, improving the water resistance.

Another technology used in the design of these pants is the Thermadex insulation. This insulation is lightweight yet super insulating.
The Striker Ice Guardian Women’s Sureflote ice fishing bibs include a special technology that is used in several different Striker Ice pants.

The Sureflote insulation is made from a low-density foam that helps trap air inside the multi-layer membrane. This creates air pockets that add buoyancy if you accidentally fall in the water. The manufacturers claim that this technology can keep a person afloat for up to two hours.

There are no drawbacks to report. There are no complaints about sizing issues, durability, or comfort. These are well-made ice fishing bibs built using the latest outdoor clothing technology.

When you are standing on a frozen lake next to a hole to go fishing, catching a fish is not your biggest concern. Even if you are inside a pop-up shack, you may have trouble staying warm. There is also a risk that the ice may crack.

The Striker Ice Guardian women’s Sureflote ice suits are the perfect choice to protect you from these dangers. They even include reflective sections to increase your visibility to others

3. Ice Armour Lift Bib

Designed with ice fishing in mind, the ICE ARMOR Lift bibs may be the best choice for staying warm and safe on the ice. 

When examining bibs, you should start with the outer shell. The ICE ARMOR Lift bib features 300D material, providing a waterproof, windproof shell that remains breathable. 

The knees are reinforced with 1000D ballistic nylon. This nylon material helps prevent wear and tear around the knees while adding some comfort when kneeling.

The front of the ice suit includes a two-way zipper along with a magnetic storm flap. The suspenders and inseam are adjustable, ensuring a comfortable fit.

The inside of the bibs includes a removable Thinsulate lining for insulation. The 100g liner can be removed or added, depending on the cold weather activity.

The top advantage of the ICE ARMOR Lift bib is the lift technology. Specially designed lining adds buoyancy, providing a little extra lift in the water. If you are an angler, you will likely enjoy this feature.

Another highlight is the hand-warming pockets. These pockets are lined with fleece, providing a spot to warm your mitts.
The only problem that you may have with these bibs is the bulk. While this is not a problem when you are fishing, you may want a pair of bibs that are more flexible for cold-weather sports.

The ICE ARMOR Lift bib is primarily intended for ice fishing. If you were to fall into the ice, you need all the protection you can get. The Lift bib features a lining with added buoyancy. While this is designed to help you float, it is not Coast Guard-approved.

Overall, these are one of the top pairs of ice-fishing bibs. The ICE ARMOR Lift bibs are warm, durable, and fully adjustable.

4. Striker Ice Si W Prism

The Striker Ice Si W Prism bibs provide everything you need to keep the lower half of your body warm when ice fishing. The waterproof outer shell and thick interior insulation keep you warm and dry all day long.

The Si W Prism pants are constructed from a 320D material. It is a lightweight shell that is both flexible and breathable. To keep you warm, the bibs include 150g Thermadex insulation.

The interior features Hydrapore 5000 W/B lining and the Sureflote Flotation Assist. The lining is included to keep you warm and dry while the flotation assist is an added safety feature. It adds buoyancy, possibly helping you float if you should fall into the water.

The knees are reinforced with tough 1600D snakeskin padding. While most cold-weather bibs include padding in the knees, the 1600D material is among the toughest, most durable that you will find.

The main highlights of the Striker Ice Si W Prism pants include the knee pads and the flotation assist technology. The Sureflote system traps air, adding buoyancy to the pants. This liner is also moisture-resistant and flexible. It remains dry and does not restrict mobility.

The Hydrapore lining is also unique to the Striker Ice bibs. This lining has a 5,000 rating for water resistance, ensuring that water does not penetrate the pants. Despite the added protection, it remains completely breathable.

Before you decide that these pants are perfect, there is one disadvantage. The bibs do not include a removable insulated liner. The 150g Thermadex insulation is sewn into the pants, eliminating the versatility that some bibs provide.

The Striker Ice Si W Prism bibs are designed to offer a little extra safety when you are on the ice. The Sureflote system provides extra buoyancy, which is always useful if you find yourself in the cold water.

While these pants may give you some peace of mind when ice fishing, they also give you warmth. The insulation is thick, flexible, and breathable, keeping you comfortable in even the worst environments.

5. FXR Women’s Sugar Bib

The FXR women’s Sugar Bibs feature full-length zippers, flexible insulation, and a reflective strip for added visibility. If you are in the market for a new pair of bibs, explore the rest of the features.

The Sugar Bibs are made with a durable polyester shell and waterproof coating. The seams are also sealed in certain areas to improve water and wind resistance.

The moisture-wicking material is used for the liner, which helps dry the interior of the pants and prevents excess moisture from accumulating.

The zipper runs the length of the pants, providing easy entry and exit. There are also knee-height zippers, allowing you to unzip the pants to put on your boots.

Other features include dry seat inserts, two external pockets, and storm cuffs. These bibs are built for the cold weather and intended for most outdoor winter activities.

The Sugar Bibs are a solid pair of cold-weather pants. They have the features that you expect, including an insulated liner. However, the liner inside the Sugar Bibs offers more insulation than most pants. The 225g Thermal Flex insulation may keep you from freezing, even in extreme conditions.

The exterior of the pants also includes 3M reflective strips, helping you remain visible in low-light conditions or against a backdrop of snow.

You will not find any drawbacks. You get what you pay for — a quality pair of bibs that should last quite a few winter seasons.

Finding a comfortable pair of cold-weather bibs is not always easy. You need to ensure that they offer enough insulation without restricting your movement.

The FXR Sugar Bibs meet that challenge with a durable yet flexible outer shell. The bibs also include a well-insulated liner and moisture-wicking material to help keep you dry. Overall, these are a fantastic pair of bibs designed for cold-weather sports enthusiasts.