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New Ice Fishing Gear and Gadgets

Make gearing up for this winters season a little bit easier with our list of new ice fishing gear and gadgets.

Ice fishing gear has really advanced in the past few years. Once upon a time the latest and greatest advances in ice fishing gadgets were tip ups and specialized ice fishing rods.

New ice fishing gear these days is jam packed full of technology all aimed at making your life out on the ice that little bit easier.

Whether it’s a floating insulated ice bib or a super accurate ice flasher there really is no limit to the amount of great new ice fishing gadgets available.

1. DryGuy Boot Dryer

Dry feet are crucial when out on the ice all day. The warmest ice fishing boots in the world are not worth a damn if they have gotten wet on the inside the last time you were out fishing.

Drying them beside a fire or on a heater at home will not always get the insides crisp and dry. That’s were a dedicated boot dryer comes in.

The boots are placed on top of one of four heated columns which then expels warm air around the inside of the boot, meaning they are dried from the inside out, not the outside in.

It isn’t only intended to dry out boots however, gloves, hats and socks can all be made dry again.

The DryGuy Boot Dryer can also help extend the life of your boots as drying them quickly once you have taken them off will help to reduce the build up and growth of bacteria and mold the makes your boots stink.

2. 13 Fishing FreeFall Ghost

The Black Betty FreeFall inline ice fishing reel from 13 Fishing features an innovative trigger system that allows you to drop your line in free fall to your desired depth and with the flick of the trigger stop it dead in the water and back to the normal drag setting of the reel.

This combined with the use of an ice flasher helps you get your lure to the exact depth. Meaning more strikes and hook-ups.

Although there are plenty of inline ice fishing reels on the market not many have the same kind of build quality or design elements that 13 Fishing have brought to the table with the Black Betty.


  • Inline ice fishing reel
  • Trigger Drop Speed control
  • Instant anti-reverse
  • 4 stainless steel ball bearings
  • Aluminum handle and star drag.

3. Frabill Padded Seat with Trunk

The Frabill padded seat with built in trunk was first released as an addition to the flip-over shelters. They were such a hit that Frabill have now released them as stand alone products so you can get on for your ice shelter too.

The trunk is built from solid molded plastic with a 68 quart capacity. With that much storage you can really clean up you shelter packing most items away neatly.


  • Built from tough impact resistant plastic
  • 68 quart capacity
  • Reinforced lid
  • Padded swiveling seat

4. Mr Heater Buddy Propane Heater

Mr Heater is one of the most popular brands in portable outdoor heating and if you are looking for a new heater for your ice shelter then this is one of the best choices available.

If has two different heat settings for high(9,000 BTU) and low(4,000 BTU).

There is a safety cut off switch that detects if oxygen has fallen to dangerous levels. Another added safety feature is the tip-over shut-off.

Not only is this great for ice fishing but you can also bring it camping in the fall.


  • Two heat settings
  • 4,000 or 9,000 BTU/H
  • Low oxygen safety shut off
  • Porcelain coated heating surface