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Best Fishing Gifts 2022

Looking for the best fishing gifts for your loved one or just looking to spoil yourself with some new tackle? 

Then look no further we have the some awesome fishing gifts for just about anyone no matter how picky they are about their fishing gear.

Most fishermen already have lots of rods and reels and hundreds of lures. If you are stuck trying to figure out something to get them for father’s day or a fishing Christmas gift then don’t fret it is not that difficult.

Below we have listed lots of different types of gifts from waders to fillet knives and everything else in between.

1. Wild River Lighted Nomad Backpack

The Wild River Nomad backpack is the one of the best all-in-one storage solutions for your fishing tackle. It takes the pain out of having to carry a tackle box in one hand and rods/net in the other.

With a tackle backpack you get to keep a hand free and keep all of the weigh of your lures and hooks/line on you shoulders and back. Not only that you also can keep your must need items in the outside pockets so they are to hand when you need then quickly.

The Nomad backpack has an innovative integrated LED system that shines down on the pack. With the front pocket folded down the lights shines from above giving you a very convenient work surface whether its night or day.

It has a host of pockets and internal dividers and to top it all off there are also four medium sized tackle trays included.


  • Integrated LED light
  • Four trays included
  • Molded sunglasses holder on top
  • Front pocket becomes work surface
  • Rain cover included

2. Madbite Aluminum Fishing Pliers

The Madbite Aluminum fishing pliers are the perfect tool for any fisherman to have in his front pocket. They take the pain out of hook removal and make crimping lead weights or cutting line a cinch.

The Madbite pliers also come with an super bright LED light mounted on the top, so if you find yourself fishing after dark then you can be sure that you will have the light focused right where you need it.

Hook removal, stripping, crimping and cutting are all contained on the one easy to use pliers.

Built from lightweight aluminum these pliers can withstand the harsh environment of saltwater fishing without the risk of rusting and seizing up. The blades are made from super sharp carbide and should remain sharp for years on end.

With a jaw length of 3.5 inches and a length of 7.5 inches you can get quit a bit of locking power out of the Madbite. 

Available in an array of different metallic finishes.


  • Built from corrosion resistant aluminum
  • LED light on top

3. Compass 360 Breathable Chest Wader

A good pair of waders is one of many fishing gift ideas that will surely please the lucky guy or gal who gets them.

Stalking on a small river or mountain stream from the bank can work wonders, getting in the water behind them with out any trees or bushes in the way is even better and chest waders are the best way to do that without getting wet.

The Compass chest waders come with a built in chest pocket so you can store your most needed tools, flies or lures in the most practical place possible. The flip out front makes access a breeze right where you want it.

Built from durable 4-Ply nylon construction each knee and shin has extra reinforcing which is right where most waders usually wear out first.

They come with fully adjustable elasticated suspenders and a built in quick release buckle.

Available in five sizes from small to XX-Large


  • Full chest height waders
  • Flip down chest pocket
  • Reinforced knee and shin areas
  • Available in 5 sizes

4. Sea to Summit Dry Bag

Dry bags are one of the best ways to keep your extra clothing or gear dry throughout the day when on or near the water. They are essentially watertight stuff sacks that can take a lot of abuse.

Knowing that your spare socks or extra layer is always going to be dry is essential when you spend long days in the outdoors. 

Built from highly durable 420 D nylon fabric these bags are built to take a lot of abuse. The seems are tape sealed and double stitched.

Available in a range of sizes and colors.


  • Inter-changeable rod holders for light/heavy gear
  • Built from tough ABS plastic from strength and still lightweight

5. Sunnto Traverse Alpha

The Suunto Traverse Alpha is arguably the ultimate fisherman’s watch.

You can map and store your path around a lake and river. Giving you the ability to store your favorite fishing spots via GPS and means no more getting lost on your way to and from the car.

You can store your favorite spots for the easiest way to find them again. There is also a altitude profile of a route so you know how much ground you have to ascend/descend the next time.

Weather trend alert and location based moon phase calendar let you know when the right times and weather for fishing.

The housing is made from tough knurled stainless steel in a matte black finish to help reduce reflections from the sun. The face is protected by scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass keeping it clear for many seasons in the outdoors.

Compatible with the Suunto Movescount App for either IOS or Android you can track your movements all day.


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Sapphire crystal glass face plate
  • Track your path with breadcrumbs based map using GPS
  • Location based moon phase calendar 
  • Built to military standard 810G

6. Clip On Microfiber Towel

Fishing gifts need not be expensive and flashy sometimes something simple is best.

Getting slimy bait all over your hands is one thing but rubbing it on your face and clothes is another altogether. With a bait towel to hand you can wipe it off after baiting your hooks and keep you hands and clothes clean.

The Fishing’s Best Microfiber Towel is the perfect thing to keep your hands clean throughout the day. Simply clip it to your belt loop or keep it in your pocket so it’s always to hand.

Made from super absorbent microfiber it is highly effective and picking up slim, grease and blood from your hands and off the boat too.


  • Super absorbent microfiber
  • 3 pack
  • Comes with belt clip
  • Available in 6 colors

7. Leatherman Skeletool Multitool

A multi-tool or fishing pliers are excellent father’s day fishing gifts and the Leatherman is easily the best brand to give.

The Skeletool is probably the only multi-tool that’s actually better than the original Leatherman. With it’s drilled out design it is even lighter than a regular Leatherman whilst still remaining just as strong.

With seven tools in total all of which are great for fishing there is very little unwanted extra’s on this multi-tool. You get a knife, pliers, exchangeable bit driver, wire-cutters and a carabiner/bottle opener.

It weighs a tiny five ounces and can be clipped to any belt or to the front of your waders or tackle bag.

Unlike most multi-tools the Skeletool can be operated with only one hand so you can have you rod in one hand and open practically every tool that is on it with the other hand.  

To top it all it is backed by the legendary Leatherman 25 year warranty.


  • 7 tools in total
  • 25 year warranty

8. Costa Del Mar Brine Sunglasses

One thing is for certain protecting your eyes whilst out fishing is one of the best things you can do along with a good sunscreen to help reduce the harmful effects of the sun.

Being outside all day in the sun can put a massive strain on your eyes, wearing a proper pair of sunglasses with the correct UVA and UVB filters is the only way to help reduce eye damage from long hours in the sun.

Costa are one of the best known fishing sunglasses brands and have built a solid reputation for making truly great lenses that help reduce glare on the water and tough construction that can handle the harsh environments of fishing on both dry land and at sea.

The Brine models are 100% polarized and can help eliminate surface glare helping you to see several feet further underwater and with much greater clarity.

The tough built nylon frames are capable of taking a lot of abuse and feel light to wear for extended periods of time.


  • 100% polarized
  • Significantly reduce glare and eye strain
  • Helps protect the eyes from prolonged sun exposure 
  • Sturdy nylon frames
  • Limited lifetime warranty

9. Clear Rubber Net

Old style knotted landing nets had a tendency to injure fish by rubbing off their protective layer of slime from the skin. If you were practicing catch and release a fish may have swam off safely after you let it go but could have died later from infection.

Newer style rubber nets help to alleviate this issue. The rubber is smooth and contains no knots. So you give the fish the best possible chance of surviving after being released.

This rubber trout net comes with a short handle, clear rubber mesh and a magnetic clip for attaching to vest or backpack.

The frame is made from beautifully finished wood in a teardrop shape.

This net is best suited to fishing in rivers or from the shore of a lake. On a boat you would probably require a longer handled net to be most effective.


  • Safer rubber mesh
  • Teardrop frame from high quality wood
  • Magnetic clip 
  • Does not rot or suffer from mold issues

10. Rapala Superflex Knife

Filleting your latest catch requires a super sharp fillet knife that can bend and flex to the contours of the fish you are trying to fillet.

Rapala are the go to knives for thousands of fishermen world wide and they produce some of the highest quality filleting knives for very reasonable prices.

A perfectly shaped hand rubbed baked birch handle is ergonomically designed to make maneuvering the blade a breeze. 

The Superflex blade is made from high quality stainless steel and comes super sharp right out of the box.

Like with any high quality knife if you treat it right and keep it clean after use this Rapala blade will stay sharp for a long time and shouldn’t dull.


  • High quality birch handle
  • Extremely sharp and flexible blade
  • Blade made from hand-ground stainless steel
  • Comes with leather sheath

11. Farm to Feet Waders Socks

Stuck for ideas for fishing gifts for dad ? Then a good old pair of socks will always fit the bill.

Hanging around in waders or fishing boots all day can make for some pretty cold toes especially in fall/winter. Keeping your toes warm along with your head is on of the best ways to keep your core temperature up throughout the day.

These wader socks from Farm to Feet are made from super snug 79% Merino wool, 20% nylon and 1% spandex. All that Merino wool will help to insulate you feet and lower legs whist still allowing them to breath naturally. 

The inner layer is all Merino giving you the perfect blend of insulation and moisture wicking. The other shell layer is make from nylon and spandex making them tough and durable whilst still allowing for some stretching.

Not only are they warm they are also exceptionally well padded. Most waders or boots aren’t that comfortable after a couple of hours. These wader socks are extremely well padded in the right places.

Available in four sizes there should be one to suit just about any foot. 


  • 79% Merino wool
  • Reinforced yarns for strength
  • Top-to-toe cushioning
  • Reinforced in the right places to reduce wear and tear

12. Columbia Sun Hat

Protecting your head from the harmful rays of the sun is one of the most important things to remember when out fishing all day.

Not only will a good fishing hat help protect your skin from harmful rays it will also help to shade your eyes and improve your chances of spotting fish in the local area.

Columbia make a great line of hats that are suitable for fishing. They have the traditional outdoors look and are built of very high quality materials.


  • Built from tough nylon
  • UPF 50 sun protection
  • Adjustable chin strap and draw cord 

13. Waterproof iPhone Case

A great fishing gifts for dad especially if he fishes from a boat.

Lets face it most people can’t live without there phone. There is one sure fire way to break your phone and that’s getting it wet.

Modern phones in cases can handle being dropped or sit on but unless that case is waterproof it may not stand up to all the spray and rain that you encounter when fishing from a boat.

This waterproof iPhone case is just the ticket to help keep that most precious of modern day gadgets save and sound whilst out on the water.

Comes with an integrated neck lanyard and arm band so it can also be used whilst out walking or running.

It can accept the majority of modern phones so it really is a one size fits all.


  • Universal size
  • Accepts most major modern cellular phones
  • iPhone and Android
  • Comes with neck lanyard 

14. Thorfire Cap Light

Staying out until light fades or getting up early at the crack of dawn can be the best times to catch that trophy trout or bass. 

Being able to see in the dark without needing to hold a torch in one hand and the rod in the other is a convenience.

You can of course use a dedicated head torch but some fishermen just don’t want to as it can mean putting it over there favorite fishing cap.

The solution is a clip on light. The Thorfire Cap light clips directly onto the front of any standard baseball style cap.

They can be rotated in multiple directions and feature super strong 30 Lumens of power from 5 LED’s in each light.

Weighing less than an ounce each you’ll barely know they are even o your head!


  • Simply clips onto cap
  • 30 Lumens
  • 5 LED lights
  • 2 per pack

15. Legendary Whitetails Flannel Shirt

What screams fisherman more than a good old fashioned flannel shirt?

Legendary Whitetails have built a solid reputation in the outdoors world by making some of the best hard wearing shirts and clothing available.

Made from 100% cotton these flannel shirts have contrasting cuffs and collars in corduroy. They feature a chest pocket and the cuffs are adjustable.

Size-wise there is one to fit just about anyone regardless of how big or small. The range starts at a small and tops out at XXXX-Large.

They come in a big variety of colors also, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find one for a fussy dresser.


  • Lots of colors and patterns available
  • Comes in small to XXXX-Large
  • 100% cotton
  • Contrasting collar and cuffs

16. Blisswill Crossbody Bag

Cross body designed gear bags are great especially if you are doing a lot of fishing from the banks of a river that involves changing lures every half hour or so.

Having all you trout fishing gear in a easy to reach place makes switching up your tackle easy and hassle free.

A cross body bag essentially only has one strap on it unlike a conventional tackle backpack. You simply sling the pack over one shoulder and it site across your back evenly once adjusted correctly.

They are great for putting all you fishing essentials in an easy to reach place that is quite comfortable when out hiking around the banks of a river all day.


  • Convenient cross body design
  • Built from tough 1000D nylon
  • Can be used as backpack, shoulder bag or hand bag
  • Comfortable wide and supportive shoulder pad
  • Tonnes of storage with lots of external pockets

17. Denali UPF 50+ Long Sleeve

Sun protection clothing has come as long way in the last 10 years or so. Time was when they were bulky and not very breathable.

Modern day performance fishing shirts a light, breathable and stylish to boot. They have very high sun protection factors so you can rest assured that your skin is being well cared for even on long days out.

The Denali Performance Teaser Tournament Long sleeve has a sun protection rating of UPF 50+. It will shield the wearer from even the most intense days out in the sun.

Combine this with some good head gear and sun block for any exposed areas and you’re sure not to come home looking like a lobster.


  • UPF 50+ protection
  • Long sleeve design
  • Breathable and warm for when the sun goes down
  • Available in a range of colors and sizes

18. Coleman Coastal Xtreme Cooler

Nothing beats a cold beer or soda out on the water, that and keeping your lunch fresh in the hot sun makes snack time all the more enjoyable.

Keeping your beers, soda’s and fresh food in a cooler is light years ahead of just throwing them done in a backpack letting the sun warm them up gradually as the day goes by.

The Coleman Coastal Xtreme Series Marine Portable Cooler is one tough cookie that is built especially to withstand the harsh environment of saltwater fishing.

It will retain ice for up to 6 days meaning even on longer trips you can still keep food and drinks cool long before those cheaper coolers fail.

It is also more than strong enough to double as a seat so you can always have a cold drink to hand without needed to go far.


  • Massive 120 Quart capacity – 204 cans
  • 6 days of ice retention 
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Built in threaded drain

19. SoftScience Fin Boots

Slipping on a wet deck is not only dangerous but really annoying especially in rough seas. These boat boots from SoftScience are super grippy and really lightweight.

They are quick to dry and thanks to an inbuilt drainage system move water quickly away from the skin.

Built from neoprene they weight very little and have a nice soft upper whilst still having plenty of stability.


  • Quick drying
  • Good grips
  • Straps on top
  • Lightweight

20. Thermos Travel Mug

Take your favorite brew on the road from home to dock or better yet make a nice coffee in your wheel house and then enough it on deck.

This insulated mug from Thermos can either keep your cold drinks cool or your hot drinks warm for several hours. 

Built from solid stainless steel for both the interior and exterior walls, you won’t burn your hands with a really hot drink like some cheaper travel mugs.


  • 16 ounce
  • Stainless steel interior and exterior
  • Drink lock seal lid

21. Muck Boots Arctic Pro

If you are heading out on the ice fishing this winter then a pair of warm ice boots are essential.

The Arctic Pro’s from Muck Boots are fully waterproof and super warm. They will keep your feet dry, warm and also provide plenty of grip to help reduce the chances of slipping out on the ice.


  • High fitting boot
  • Fully waterproof
  • Well insulated

How to Choose a Gifts for Fishermen

gifts for fishermen

When you are trying to decide on a present for a fisherman you should really try to narrow down your choices will usually fall into one of two categories:

  • Generic gifts
  • Specific gifts

Generic Gifts

Generic fishing presents should be a good choice for any fisherman. Items like sunglasses, tackle boxes or bags, rain gear and other clothing.

Most fishermen need good protection from the elements. Wearing the right gear and and looking after your health are two of the most important things you can do when on or near the water. 

Clothing is always a good option for any fishing gift idea, just make sure you know the size before ordering.

Sunglasses and hats help to protect from the harmful rays of the sun and quite frankly not enough fishermen seem to be aware of just how damaging the sun can be even on overcast days when the sun is not shining a brightly.

Specific Gifts

A specific gift for a fisherman is one that will match the type of fishing that they do. For example a bass fisherman would not use fly fishing equipment and someone who does offshore fishing for large marlin or tuna would not need a freshwater spinning reel that would seize up after use in salt water.

If you are unclear what to get as a specific gift then one of the best approaches for finding the right fishing gift ideas is to ask the fishing buddies of the person you are trying to buy for. This way they should be able to advise you on the correct piece of tackle to buy.