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Cool Fishing Gear Fishing Gadgets

If you are like me then you are probably obsessed with fishing and all things fishing tackle. There are plenty of fishing gadgets and different types of cool fishing gear available to buy right now.

Whether its a portable fish finder that syncs to your phone or a digital weighing scales the fishing tackle world has been flooded with newer and newer technologies that can bring the geek out in just about anyone.

Check our list of cool fishing gadgets below and we think you’ll agree there is something for everyone.

1. Booms Multi-tool Fishing Pliers

Cool fishing gear need not be built from the latest technology. Sometimes you just need something reliable and really useful to have to hand.

This multi-tool fishing pliers from Booms is packed full of 13 separate tools that fold down into an easy to store compact pliers. 

Having all of your cutting tools in one convenient place makes life a whole lot easier out on the water. A multi-tool packs in lots of mini-tools into one easy to use super tool.

Fishermen need a variety of cutting and crimping tools for dealing with line and lures. The Booms multi-tool has the ability to cut through wire leaders, crimp lead and sleeves, open split rings and a whole host more of fishing specific tasks.

It is made from anodized and stainless polished steel that should last a lifetime of abuse. If being used in saltwater just make sure to rinse it in fresh water after, like all of your fishing tackle that gets used at sea. 


  • Made from anodized stainless steel
  • Spring loaded design
  • Wire cutters, pliers and crimping
  • Can opener, knife, saw and screw driver
  • Comes with nylon sheath

2. Deeper Sonar Fish Finder

Fishing gadgets don’t get much better than this. The Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ is a sonar fish finder that is ted to the end of your line and cast out into the water. A smartphone app allows you to then survey the underwater landscape and find out where the fish are!

Just tie the Deeper to your line and cast it into an are that you may think there are fish. You can then survey the depths and look for potential fish hiding spots. The deeper gives you a complete picture of what is going on down below.

Fishing a new water and not sure if there is anything there? Simply make a quick cast and you ca check on your phone if any fish are in the area. What a great time saver, stops you from fishing in areas were there is nothing to catch.

The Pro+ has full GPS integration allowing you to map any water you fish on whether it is from the shore, trolling or ice fishing.


  • 300ft or 100m wi-fi range from your phone
  • Depth range 260ft or 80m
  • Four separate modes of use
  • Standard, boat, Ice and onshore GPS
  • Narrow or wide beam scanning
  • Full history mode of stored maps
  • Three separate color displays on your phone.

3. Lindy Fish Handling Glove

Protect your hands from hooks, sharp objects and filleting knives with this Lindy fish handling glove.

If you fillet a lot of fish you will already know that a really sharp knife is essential for cutting the cleanest fillets from your latest catch. One thing is for sure with a very sharp knife it is so easy to cut yourself with even the slightest pressure from the blade on your skin.

This fish handling glove from Lindy has a cut proof material called Super Fabric that protects from sharp blades and puncture wounds on the palm and underside of each finger.

Easy to clean and wash it also dries very quickly so is ready to go after a quick airing or if left in the sun for a short while.

Available in different sizes, just make sure you order either the left or right hand to suit your preference.


  • Palm and thumb protection
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Available for left or right hand
  • Easy to clean and quick drying
  • Protection from sharp fillet knives

4. Rod-Runner Rod Rack

This portable fishing rod caddy from Rod-Runner allows you to carry up to 5 fishing rods at a time using only one hand. 

You can keep your rods separated from each other so as to avoid tangling lines from one rod to another. Load each rod onto it’s mounting tube and it is held apart from the others, protecting each one from breakages and damage.

Fishing gadgets need not be complex. With a very simple design and easy to use carry handle you can carry rods to and from your truck to the waters edge and still have a hand free for other items.

It also makes cleaning your rods a breeze, wash five at once and let them air dry without getting in a big mes, saving you time when you get home after a long days fishing.

It comes with two folding legs so it can be stood at at roughly a 30 degree angle keeping your rod tips and reels off of the ground and away from grit and sand.


  • Inter-changeable rod holders for light/heavy gear
  • Holds five rods
  • Comes with folding stand
  • Built from tough ABS plastic from strength and still lightweight

5. GoPro Hero4

Make the most of your fishing trips and record your biggest catches with this GoPro Hero4. The GoPro range of high definition video camera’s have taken the outdoor sports world by storm.

A fishing gadget that has taken the outdoors by storm since its launch. Mount the GoPro on your boat or on your chest/hat so that you don’t miss a minute of that lifetime personal record catch. It can then be synced to your smart phone and over wifi and Bluetooth using the GoPro App.

The GoPro app gives you the ability to control the GoPro from either a smartphone or a tablet. You can then use your phone/tablet as a full remote capable of controlling your GoPro from up to 600 feet away. 

You can use all of the controls and settings on the camera and check your shots and zoom levels with ease.


  • 4k30, 2.7k60 and 1080p video recording
  • 12 mega pixel photo’s at up to 30 frames per second
  • Built in editing and trimming allows you to edit on the spot
  • Controlled with smart phone GoPro app
  • Waterproof to 40m
  • Requires additional sd card for storage

6. TrollPro3 Underwater Housing

Well if you already own the GoPro4 above how about being able to safely troll it behind your boat and film when a fish takes your lure ? Looking to buy something for the fisherman that has every possible fishing gadget under the sun? Well chances are he doesn’t have one of these.

Learn how fish are striking your lures and bait and also why they may not be with this underwater housing for mounting your GoPro camera.

The unit is weighted on the bottom to stop it spinning when deployed on a long line. There is an eyebolt on the front for attachment to a main line from the boat.

For best results ensure it is back far enough to clear the prop wash and use in clear water on bright days.


  • Houses all of the GoPro range
  • Film your strikes like never before
  • Clip behind a trolled sinker to adjust depth/position

7. Okuma Spinning Travel Kit

Keeping a rod in your truck for those sneaky sessions after work or if you are travelling and spot a good looking fishing hole is one of the best ways to get more fishing done without having to plan a day away from the family.

The Okuma Voyager Spinning Travel Kit is a great low cost way of keeping a light fishing tackle setup to hand at all times. 

The Voyager comes in its own padded carry case to help protect the rod and reel from being damaged in transit. Each piece fits snugly into its own padded section so there is less chance of damage and is easy to organize each and every time you use it. 


  • Lightweight Voyager 20 reel
  • 6-Foot travel rod – 5 piece
  • Small tackle box
  • Padded travel case 

8. First Aid Kit

All fishermen should carry a first aid kit with them at all times. Safety on the water is not just about drowning. With all the hooks and sharp knives that a fisherman usually carries they should have a good first aid kit with them.

This FDA approved first aid kit has a total of 152 pieces between the main carry case and the mini first aid kit that is also included.

There are also some survival tools included such as a compass, safety blanket, whistle and glow sticks.


  • Main first aid kit plus mini first aid kit
  • 152 pieces in total
  • Tape, bandages, gauze and much more
  • Glow sticks, Compass, gloves
  • Blanket, whistle, sewing kit

9. Rapala Soft Fillet Knife

Filleting fish needs a strong, flexible and most importantly a sharp knife. Rapala are probably the most popular brand of fish filleting knife among fishermen and with good reason.

Their line of flexible filleting knives are perfect for processing your catch into the sweetest fillets possible. A good flexible knife blade is required to accurately run the edge along the backbone and through the fish flesh in order to make the best cuts possible and not waste and of the fish. 

The Rapala Soft Fillet Knife comes with a soft grip and an extremely sharp and flexible stainless steel blade. Most kitchen knives are not up to the job of filleting fish properly that is why a dedicated filleting knife is the best choice.

It also comes with a sheath to keep the blade covered and you safe and also a knife sharpener to keep the blade in tip top condition.


  • Super sharp flexible blade
  • Soft, easy grip handle
  • Sheath and sharpener included

10. Rapala Filleting Board with Clamp

If you already have a great fish filleting knife like the one above then check out this filleting board also from Rapala.

No more fish slipping and sliding across your work bench or counter top. The board features a convenient fish clamp that stops the fish from moving as you slide the blade along its length.

It is built from durable easy to clean food grade HDPE plastic. Plastic is the preferred choice over wood, as wood can be harder to clean and scars much easier.

The Rapala filleting board also has a unique bottom grove that allows the board to sit securely on the top of 4,5 and 6 gallon buckets. So if you are on board a boat you have an instant filleting station ready to go. 


  • Food grade plastic construction
  • Bottom groove for mounting on buckets
  • Heavy-duty clamp
  • Built in handle

Cool fishing gear doesn’t get much cooler than this. Out in the sun all day fishing? Then you really should protect your eyes from the harmful glare off the surface of the water. It is not only your skin that needs protecting from the sun, the eyes are just as prone to sun damage although it is rarely mentioned.

Not only can a good set of sunglasses protect your eyes they can also help reduce surface glare and help you to locate fish better than the naked eye.

Polarized sunglasses are the best option and these Fantails from Costa del Mar are purposely designed for fishing. Built from high grade Polycarbonate they are highly durable and tough enough to withstand the outdoors.


  • Glass lens
  • Variety of colors available
  • 100% polarized
  • Lightweight design

So there you have it a round up of some of the best cool fishing gadgets available right now.