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Best Ice Fishing Boots

Ice Fishing Boots should keep your feet warm and dry whilst also providing plenty of grip out on the ice.

Most boots dedicated ice fishing boots will have the same universal characteristics:

  • Waterproof 
  • Good insulation
  • Good grip

There are however a few different designs available. For example some will come with laces and others will be slip on only. Ideally the slip on ones will have some form of buckle or fastening system to help keep them in place especially if you are in deep snow.

Can you wear regular hiking boots out on the ice ?

Sure if you want cold feet!

Warmth and insulation is everything. If you have to walk any kind of distance from your car or truck to your fishing spot then any ordinary boot will feel fine once your feet get some blood into them and start to warm up.

However, once you stop and your feet begin to naturally cool then and only then will you realize that boots without good insulation were a bad choice.

That’s why a pair of properly designed ice fishing boots are crucial for those long days out in the cold.

Top tip: Don’t wear your boots until you get out of the car. Wearing them in a car or truck with the heat on will only cause your feet to sweat. Sweaty feet will reduce the boots ability to retain heat.

The best boots for ice fishing should help keep your toes warm and yet still allow your feet to breath properly and as naturally as possible.

Ice Fishing Boots

Ice Fishing BootsKey Features
1. Muck Boot Arctic Sport– Waterproof and durable design
– Fleece lining for warmth
– Slip-on style with no laces
– Suitable for cold weather activities
2. Kamik Men’s Canuck– Knee-high design for deep snow
– Bungee cord drawstrings for a secure fit
– Deep treads for traction
– Durable and well-insulated
3. MuckBoots Arctic Pro– Thick rubber sole and 100% waterproof
– 5mm neoprene material for heat retention
– Soft fleece lining for comfort
– Lack of breathability may cause sweatiness
4. Baffin Endurance Snow– Unique design with a pocket and clip
– Slip-on style with drawstring and strap for a snug fit
– Excellent insulation and durability
– Sizes may run a bit small
5. Kamik Greenbay 4– Slip-on boots with drawstring and adjustable strap
– 600 denier nylon material for water resistance
– Removable thermal-guard liner
– Suitable for extremely cold temperatures
6. Baffin Control Max Insulated– Full-grain insulated leather upper
– Multi D-ring lacing system for a secure fit
– Removable liner for easy drying
– Not suitable for activities below water level
7. Lacrosse Ice King Pac Boot– Leather and synthetic materials for flexibility
– 400g Thinsulate insulation
– Removable liner for drying
– Sizes may run smaller than expected
8. Baffin Selkirk Insulated– Leather and rubber construction
– Adjustable buckles for stability
– Lightweight and flexible
– Some concerns about seam durability
9. SOREL Intrepid Explorer– Waterproof synthetic material with felt inner boot
– Excellent insulation for extreme cold
– Lacing system with gaiter and drawstring for a secure fit
– May not be the most stylish option
10. Thorogood Endeavor Extreme– Tall upper with waterproof synthetic material
– 2400g 3M Thinsulate insulation for warmth
– Wide rubber sole with good traction
– Lacing system for a snug fit

Best Ice Fishing Boots

1. Muck Boot Arctic Sport

Are you tired of cold feet during the winter? The Original Muck Boots Arctic Sport may provide the warmth that you need.

The Original Muck Boots Arctic Sport is a sleek and completely waterproof boot. It does not have fancy flourishes in the design. It is a simple, sleek boot that keeps your feet dry.

The leather and synthetic material are used for the shaft. The rest of the material is rubber, including the sole. The outsole is rugged, helping you maintain your footing, even on icy surfaces. This also increases the durability and water resistance of the boots. It is highly unlikely that water will get through.

The insides of the boots feature a soft, fleece lining. This lining is more comfortable than cotton. However, some people find that it offers a little too much warmth. These are some of the warmest ice fishing boots you can get.

The Muck Boots Arctic Sport is a slip-on boot. There are no buckles, straps, or laces to help secure the boots in place. While you can still get a tight fit, some people prefer the stability provided by additional straps.

Without the extra stability, these may not be the best boots for outdoor sports or cold weather hiking. However, they are still great for shoveling the driveway or taking a walk in the winter weather.

The Original Muck Boots Arctic Sport may not the best most sturdy boots available. However, they are suitable for keeping your feet from freezing or slipping. The rubber material covers not only the outsole but the toe as well. This adds to the water resistance and protects your toes.

The bottom line is that the Arctic Sport men’s boots are well-crafted cold weather boots. They are easy to slip on and feature a rugged outsole to prevent slipping. 

The best ice fishing boots for the money!

2. Kamik Men’s Canuck

If you anticipate a lot of snow this winter, you may need taller boots. The knee-high Kamik Men’s Canuck Cold Weather Boots may offer the perfect height. They are also durable and well-insulated.

The Kamik Canuck cold weather ice fishing boots are designed for comfort. This includes the comfort of wearing the and the comfort of putting them on. These are slip-on boots with bungee cord drawstrings.

One drawstring is near the opening, while the other drawstring is used to tighten the support above the foot.
The rubber sole includes deep treads for better traction. Whether you are walking on an icy sidewalk or climbing up a snowy hill, the slip-resistant treads help you stay on your feet.

The rubber sole includes deep treads for better traction. Whether you are walking on an icy sidewalk or climbing up a snowy hill, the slip-resistant treads help you stay on your feet.

The rubber also extends beyond the sole, with a rubber shell around the foot and heel. The additional rubber adds more water resistance and support.

If you need to find a disadvantage to the Canuck cold weather boots, some people may not like the design. While there is nothing wrong with the plain black look of the boots, the large Kamik logo on the side may not appeal to everyone.

The Kamik Canuck cold weather boots bring many advantages to cold weather gear. The adjustable bungee cords at the ankle and opening provide a secure, snug fit. These cords also make it easier to take the boots off and put them on.

These are an incredibly warm for a pair of nylon boots. The 1000 denier nylon is thicker than other nylon winter boots, while the rubber shell around the foot adds to the insulation. You also get a removable liner.

When you combine these advantages, the Canuck is one of the top cold weather boots available.

Ice Fishing Gear

3. MuckBoots Arctic Pro

Muck Boots make quality boots for tough environments. The Arctic Pro Snow boots for men are built for use in snowy conditions and provide protection against wind, water, and the cold.

The Muck Boots are made with a thick rubber sole and 100% waterproof material. The flexible material is 5-millimeter neoprene. Besides providing water protection, this neoprene material offers heat retention and shock absorption.

The insides includes a comfortable soft fleece lining. This lining is incredibly soft and warm, which is perfect when you are spending a lot of time in the cold outdoors.

One issue that you may have with these boots is the lack of breath-ability. While the neoprene material is flexible and retains heat, it does not do a great job of expelling excess moisture. There is also no liner to remove and dry.

Your feet may get a little too warm, depending on the weather conditions and how much your feet sweat. Even if you do stay warm, you may need to allow the boots to thoroughly dry out each day.

The Arctic Pro Snow are a simple pair of winter boots. You can slide them on or pull them off easily, and you won’t need to spend extra time dealing with laces. They are also incredibly durable. These boots can take a beating and continue to keep your feet warm.

The only drawback is that your feet may get a little sweaty. However, this is due to the ability of the boots to retain heat. Your feet get sweaty because the boots do a great job of keeping your feet warm.

In the end, if you want a pair of boots for ice fishing that are sure to keep your feet warm and mostly dry, consider the Muck Boots Arctic Pro Snow men’s boots.

4. Baffin Endurance Snow

While the Baffin Men’s Endurance ice fishing boots look bulky, they are incredibly warm. These cold weather boots are thick and well-insulated and just like the Muck Boots they are some of the warmest ice fishing boots available. They even include a pocket and a clip on each boot.

The Endurance snow boots from Baffin has a unique design. The shaft is made from a durable fabric, while the sole and shell are made from a tough, flexible rubber.

While these features are normal, the inclusion of a pocket on the side of the shaft stands out. The pocket is small, yet big enough to store a set of keys or a very small pocket knife. There is also a clip on the back of each boot, which may be needed for climbing activities.

These are slip-on boots, with no lacing system. The top of the boot opening has a drawstring, while there is an adjustable strap just above the foot. At the back of the ankle is a single-pull strap, allowing you to easily adjust the boots with one pull.

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When you put these boots on, the first thing you will notice is their snugness. They feel tight, which is what you want from a good pair of winter boots. The insulated liner and thick materials help keep your feet from freezing.

The Baffin Endurance snow boots for men feature quality construction and materials. It is hard to find anything wrong with them.

Most people that buy these boots agree that they are warm and comfortable to wear for long periods in the cold. However, some people say that the sizes run a little small, which means you may need to go up one size larger than your normal boot size.

Why should you consider getting the Baffin Endurance Snow Boots? The main advantage is their thickness. The insulation should keep your feet nice and warm, even in extremely cold weather. They are also built to last, offering warm footwear for many winters to come.

5. Kamick Greenbay 4 

If you struggle to find comfortable boots for ice fishing that really keep your feet warm and dry, you should look at the Kamik Green Bay 4 Cold Weather boots. They provide the insulation you need during the colder weather.

These are slip-on boots with an adjustable drawstring to tighten the boot opening. The outer material, from the shaft to the heel and toe, is made from 600 denier nylon. It is also insulated with a removable 8-millimeter thermal-guard liner.

For additional support, the boot has an adjustable strap just above the foot. With the drawstring on top and the strap, you should get a snug fit without dealing with a complicated lacing system.

The combination of features should help you stay warm in cold weather. The boots are rated for use in temperatures down to -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

The outsole is made with a lightweight, synthetic material. This is 50% lighter than a typical rubber outsole, making the boots lighter than the average winter boots.

The synthetic rubber outsole provides moderate traction. However, it is not the most rigid outsole available. On slippery surfaces, you should use caution. Some customers have also mentioned that the outsoles tend to wear a little quicker than natural rubber.

What makes the Green Bay 4 Cold Weather boots a great choice? The wind and water-resistant nylon material used for the upper is one reason to consider getting these boots. Nylon is a very flexible material and naturally water repellent.

Another benefit is the removable liner. When the liner gets worn or moldy, you can purchase a replacement.
Overall, the Green Bay 4 Cold Weather Boots are great for general wear or outdoor work in cold weather.

Fishing on Ice

6. Baffin Control Max Insulated

The stylish, durable Baffin Men’s Control Max boots will keep your feet warm throughout the winter. Whether you work outdoors, or you need a pair of boots for winter activities, these boots can hold up to repeated abuse.

The first detail to explore is the material. The upper and the shaft of the shoe are made with full-grain insulated leather, while the sole and toe are rubber.

The rubber outsole is standard for winter boots, as it provides traction and prevents water penetration. With the Control Max insulated boots, the outsole is also wide, helping to provide stable footing.

The Control Max boots use a multi D-ring fastening system for lacing the boots. This often makes it easier to get a tight, secure fit.

These boots also feature a removable liner. The removable liners are useful when you need to air out the boot, and when the liner becomes worn, you can replace it.

While there are no disadvantages to explore, you should be advised that these boots are not suitable for activities where you are below water level.

If you need to wade through cold water, the water may eventually penetrate the boots through the leather upper. However, for walking through snow, the waterproof seams and rubber outsole should keep you dry.

The Baffin Men’s Control Max insulated boots are a terrific choice for a general, all-purpose winter boot.
The leather material is well-insulated, and the seams between the stitching and the outsole prevent water from getting inside the boot. These features should keep you dry unless you walk through a stream or step in a lake.

The bottom line is that you get great traction, warmth, and comfort. If you need a pair of boots to get through the winter, consider the Control Max insulated boots.

7. Lacrosse Ice King Pac Boot

Featuring a combination of leather and synthetic material, the Lacrosse Men’s Ice King Pac Ice Boots are flexible and comfortable. While they may appear a little thin compared to other cold weather boots, the boots are well-insulated.

The Lacrosse Ice King Pac Boots for men have a standard boot lacing system. These are mid-calf boots, with a standard lacing system. They also feature a rubber outsole and shell, while the shaft is made mostly with leather and some synthetic materials.

The leather has been treated to increase its water resistance, while the sole is made with ozone-resistant premium rubber. These details should help the boots last for many seasons without leaking.

These boots can also keep your feet nice and warm. The inside is insulated with a 400g Thinsulate insulated liner. The insole is also thick, offering more insulation. Both the liner and the insole are also removable, making it easier to dry out the boots.

The outsole is designed for use on all terrains. You get great traction, whether you are walking in muddy, snowy, or loose terrain.

Are there any disadvantages to these boots? Several people have complained about the sizing of these, claiming that they are smaller than listed. If you are concerned about the size, you could purchase a size larger than your normal size.

The Lacrosse Ice King Pac Boots offer plenty of advantages compared to other boots for ice fishing. While they are thin, they still provide adequate insulation. They are also very flexible, with very little restriction to your mobility.
The only drawback may be the sizing. However, you need to keep in mind that winter boots should be a little tight.

8. Baffin Selkirk Insulated

The rugged Baffin Selkirk insulated fishing boots for men include many features that you want for cold weather activities, including adjustable buckles for more stability. If you need a new pair of boots, take a closer look at the Selkirk.

The Selkirk boots are constructed with a lot of leather and rubber. The shaft and upper part of the foot are covered in leather, with synthetic sections along the side. The seams are well-stitched to prevent wear and tear that may result in leaks.

These are mid-calf boots with a drawstring at the opening. A quick release buckle is located at the middle of the shaft, while another strap is positioned above the ankle. These straps and buckles offer more stability for these slip-on boots.

The sole is made from natural rubber and features deep treads. The rugged treads and grippy outsole should help you tackle any terrain.
Despite the leather and rubber materials, these boots are still very lightweight and flexible. There is almost no restriction to your movement, and you never feel weighed down by heavy boots.

The most common issue with these boots is the durability of the seams. While many people have purchased and worn these shoes for multiple years without a problem, there are also people that have had their boots split at different spots on the seams.
However, these splits are rare and may be the result of a defect that affected a particular batch of the boots.

The Baffin Selkirk ice fishing boots for men provide stability. For those who already feel uncomfortable walking on slippery surfaces, these boots may give you some confidence. The rubber outsoles provide ample traction to keep you upright.

9. SOREL Intrepid Explorer

The SOREL Men’s Intrepid Explorer Extreme Snow Boot is built for outdoor winter adventures. It includes a waterproof upper material, rubber soles, and durable synthetic material.

The SOREL Intrepid Explorer Extreme snow boots are knee-high slip-on boots. They are made to be easy to put on and take off, even with thick gloves and snow pants on.

The shaft is made from a tough, waterproof synthetic material. This material provides ample insulation and flexibility for any outdoor winter activity. You also get extra insulation from a removable 13-millimeter felt inner boot with heat reflective lining.

These may be the most insulated winter boots that you can find in this price range. They have been tested in temperatures as low as negative 100-degrees Fahrenheit.

The shaft features a standard lacing system, along with a built-in gaiter with a barrel lock closure. There is also a drawstring at the top of the boot opening. The laces, drawstring, and barrel lock closure give you a secure, tight fit.

If you are concerned with style, you may not be a fan of these boots. They are not the most attractive footwear available. However, when it comes to cold weather, you can sacrifice style for comfort and warmth.

The SOREL Intrepid Explore Extreme snow boots have everything that you want in a quality pair of winter boots. They are easy to put on and adjust. They also provide more insulation than comparable snow boots.

If you can get past the look of the boots, the SOREL Intrepid Explorer boots belong at the top of the list of quality snow boots. They should help keep your feet warm, even if you spend all day in the snow.

10. Thorogood Endeavor Extreme

The Thorogood Endeavor Extreme 12” waterproof snow boots for men are constructed with a tall upper and a tough rubber sole. The result is a stable pair of boots that should help keep you from slipping in snowy or icy conditions and keep your feet warm.

The Endeavor Extreme waterproof snow boots are made with synthetic, waterproof materials. While they are not the most attractive boots, they do help keep you warm. This warmth comes from the 2400g 3M Thinsulate insulation.

Along with great insulation, these boots provide better traction control. The rigid rubber soles are wide, with grips that extend around the sides of the sole. This outsole is suitable for most terrain, including ice and mud.

You can even track your feet through deep snow, thanks to the X-Stream Waterproof membrane. In the rare event that water penetrates the inside of the boots, this membrane will keep the moisture from soaking your feet.

The footbed includes an interesting feature. The reflective material is used to help provide more heat retention, keeping your feet warm in the coldest weather.

The Endeavor Extreme 12” snow boots include a lacing system for securing the boots, while most of the other top snow boots use straps or buckles.

Some people do not like laces. If you fall into this group, you may want to find another pair of boots. However, the laces help you get a tight, snug fit against your feet.

The Thorogood Endeavor Extreme snow boots include several fantastic features. They have great insulation and outsoles that provide better traction control. However, the lacing system may not work for everyone.