Best Trout Lures for Rivers and Streams – Our Top 10 Picks

Lure fishing on streams and rivers can be a great way to cover a lot of water as you seek out trout in the various features along the banks. The best trout lures for rivers and streams have stood the test of time and are probably already in your tackle box or at least a few of them will be in there.

Top 10 Best Trout Lures for Rivers and Streams

Panther Martin

The panther Martin is one of the all time classic spinners for trout. It has an inline blade that produces a very distinctive action. Compared to other trout spinners the Panther Martin will dive a little deeper so it can be great for targeting trout in deep pools and river runs.

Rooster Tail

Rooster Tails have a mighty reputation as being able to catch trout even when they are feeding on insects/nymphs this is probably due to the dressed hook at the back. If you are fishing a catch and release stream they are available in single hook configurations and if you flatten the barb on them the will cause minimal damage to the trout.

Rapala Original

The Rapala trout lure Original floating in smaller sizes has been a firm favorite when fishing trout rivers. On the smallest streams or very clear days the sizes F03 and F05 are best. If fishing a larger river or on darker/murky water you could move up to an F07. The most reliable colors are gold/silver or brown/rainbow trout.

Blue Fox Vibrax

One of the best trout lures for rivers and streams and available in a range of sizes and colors there is something in the Blue Fox spinner range for every fishing venue. These lures tend to need a slightly faster retrieval rate than other spinners so this needs to be taken into account.

Acme Phoebe

This little spoon is great for very small waters and in the gold color is very effective at attracting trout.

Mepps Aglia

The Mepps Agila easily one of the best trout lures for rivers and streams of all time. Available in a large range of colors and sizes it has produced fish on many different waters for decades. This is the classic french blade spinner for trout.

Acme Kastmaster

The Kastmaster for it's size is quite heavy so you can really hit long distances even in the smaller sizes. That added weight makes it easy to get down deep.

Acme Little Cleo

A great little spoon for targeting deep pools or cast up and across stream you can cover a lot of water in a day with one of these.

Rebel Minnow Lure

Like the Rapala only a sinking variation the Rebel can be used to target exact depths. Casting out and then using a slow count to vary the depth is a great way to find how deep the trout are exactly lying.

Luhr Jensen Krocodile

The Krocodile is a great attractor spoon and can be used in bright colors on dull days or when the rivers or streams are running high.

Top Trout Lure Brands

Below is a list of the best brands that make trout lures:

  • Mepps - Made famous by the world famous Mepps Agila.
  • Luhr Jensen - Luhr Jensen's best know lure if probably the Krocodile which is a great slim line spoon.
  • Rapala - Rapala make the all time classic minnow imitator the Rapala Original Floating lure, they have since expanded their product range to include sinking versions as well as crankbaits and slat water trolling lures. 
  • Worden - Worden are the original designers of the Worden's Rooster Tail lure. It has been copied by many lure companies. They are also makers of the flatfish lure.
  • Acme - Acme has so many successful lures to it's name there is surely one of theirs in most tackle boxes. They predominantly make spoons such as the Kastmaster, Phoebe, Little Cleo and  Thunderbolt.
  • Eppinger - Makers of the famous red and white Dardevle fishing spoon.
  • Panther Martin - Makers of the famous inline spinner by the same name.
  • Blue Fox - Now a part of the Rapala group of companies Blue Fox is the designer of the popular Blue Fox spinners range.